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February 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 3)

Protein Synthesis

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The ExiProgen™ is an automated recombinant protein synthesis/purification system. The ExiProgen system allows for small-scale in vitro synthesis and purification of 1 to 16 different proteins per run. System automation allows for a template-DNA-input, purified-protein-output workflow in approximately six hours. The E. coli-based transcription/translation system is designed to help maximize efficiency and yield. Purification of the expressed protein is carried out by His-tag purification using spherical nickel-magnetic nanoparticles. The net result is 1–16 samples of up to 100 µg of >90% pure protein(s). The ExiProgen can also perform RNA and DNA extractions from a variety of samples.

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