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December 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 21)

Polymers for Western Blot Detection

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Vector Laboratories

The WestVision™ Peroxidase Polymer Anti-Rabbit IgG and Peroxidase Polymer Anti-Mouse IgG are designed to detect primary antibodies of mouse or rabbit origin in Western blots. The WestVision conjugates are based on a new method of polymerizing enzymes and attaching these polymers to antibodies that can allow a higher density of enzymes to access a target with lower interference. With a chromogenic substrate, the reagents can provide enough working solution to typically detect 20 to 200 blots (10 X 10 cm). With a chemiluminescent substrate, dependent on the dilution employed, 800 to 8,000 blots can be detected.

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