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February 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 4)

Pipette Tips

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Beckman Coulter

Two new Biomek P1000 Span-8 pipette tips for the Biomek NXP and FXP laboratory automation workstations have been introduced. A clear, nonconductive P1000 Span-8 Tip and a P1000 Span-8 Wide Bore Tip are now offered in addition to the current Biomek P1000 Span-8 Conductive Tip. The Biomek P1000 Span-8 Tip will allow users to visually inspect aspirated volumes. Sample preparation times can be reduced by transferring a full 1 mL of sample or reagent in a single pipetting action without having to split volumes. This is useful for large-volume media transfer in “seed and feed” cellular applications.

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