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August 1, 2011 (Vol. 31 , No. 14)

Nontoxic DNA Dye

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EZ-Vision® DNA dye is now available as an in-gel stain in the newly released EZ-Vision in-gel solution, 10,000X. It contains a nontoxic, nonmutagenic DNA visualization dye, enabling the elimination of commonly used but hazardous ethidium bromide from DNA gels. The solution is added directly to molten agarose prior to casting to allow binding to DNA during electrophoresis. When electrophoresis is complete, no destaining or washing step is required. The gel can be illuminated by standard UV light to reveal the DNA bands. EZ-Vision in-gel solution can alternatively be used as a post-electrophoresis stain, with staining and washing complete in 40 minutes. As little as 2.5 ng of DNA can be detected using EZ-Vision in-gel solution, which offers comparable sensitivity to that of ethidium bromide.

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