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April 1, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 7)

Microvolume Spectrophotometer

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The newly released DS-11 Microvolume Spectrophotometer is a standalone device that features an Android-based operating system; a 7” high-resolution touchscreen; and Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity. Designed to measure nucleic acids and proteins over a wide concentration range, the DS-11 can quantify 0.5–1.5 µL samples of nucleic acids and proteins. In addition, measurements can be made using DeNovix’ EasyApps. EasyApps for quantification of DNA, ssDNA, RNA, purified proteins, labeled proteins, and other spectrophotometric measurements come pre-installed. The DS-11 allows users to export data via email, a USB drive, or an optional printer. Options include three color choices. Also, an optional model includes both microvolume and cuvette modes.

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