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August 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 14)

Mass Spectrometers

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AB Sciex

The Triple Quad™ 6500 and QTRAP® 6500 systems are next-generation mass spectrometers that can deliver up to a 10x increase in sensitivity. The 6500 series features multicomponent IonDrive™ technology that can increase the generation, transmission, and detection of ions. The platform is also compatible with SelexION™ technology, which aids selectivity in differential ion mobility spectrometry for quantitative and qualitative analysis. The 6500 series is suited for a variety of applications including drug discovery and development in regulated laboratories, peptide quantitation and biomarker verification in biomedical research, and clinical research in endocrinology laboratories.

  • AB Sciex
  • 500 Old Connecticut Path
  • Framingham MA, 01701

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