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April 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 7)

Liquid Transfer Stand

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Meissner Filtration Products

The stainless steel FlexCessory™ stand is designed to secure and support FlexFill™ single-use fluid transfer assemblies during use. The FlexCessory stand secures the FlexFill assembly and enables one-handed liquid transfers. Compact in design, the FlexCessory stand interfaces with the FlexFill assembly inside a laminar flow hood to facilitate aseptic fluid transfer. Excess fluid can be stored in the FlexFill biocontainer on the FlexCessory stand for future dispensing. The FlexCessory stand is fully adjustable and each stand can accommodate the full range of FlexFill biocontainer assemblies from 500 mL to 6 L.

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