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October 15, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 18)

Kits for Analyzing Modified Cytosines

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Cambridge Epigenetix

TrueMethyl™ kits provide quantitative, accurate and repeatable single-base resolution sequencing of the modified bases hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) and methylcytosine (5-mC) in genomic DNA. This capability is attributable to the kits’ utilization of oxidative bisulfite sequencing, a chemistry-based technology that can discriminate between 5-hmC and 5-mC. TrueMethyl kits can be used with a range of common platforms, including next-generation sequencing systems, 450k methylation arrays, and targeted assays. Employing chemical oxidation can give high conversion efficiencies and reduces sequence context effects, allowing the accurate profiling of 5-hmC and 5-mC during demethylation of DNA.

  • Cambridge Epigenetix
  • Citibase Cambridge, Sheraton House
  • Castle Park
  • Cambridge , CB3 0AX

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