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September 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 15)

Hybrid Connector

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The AseptiQuik® STC for use in biopharmaceutical processes uses a hybrid combination of stainless equipment and single-use systems. The combined AseptiQuik sterile connector and Steam-Thru® II SIP connector can give biopharmaceutical manufacturers increased flexibility in process design and plant configuration. The two connectors have been united into a single unit via a sanitary clamp, creating a combination product that allows an AseptiQuik sterile connection to be steamed in place (SIP) onto stainless equipment. After the SIP cycle, a range of single-use systems can be connected to the AseptiQuik STC. The AseptiQuik STC connectors are offered in both a standard version for gamma sterilization and a high-temperature version for autoclave sterilization.

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