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September 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 15)

High-Resolution MicroCT

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Gamma Medica

A high-resolution microCT for the Triumph II Small Animal PET/SPECT/CT imaging system is now available. The new HRCT provides spatial resolution down to 35 µm (14 lp/mm). The HRCT also provides enhanced functionality—including variable focal spot (25–130 μm), prospective respiratory gating, frame averaging, automatic fusion, and protocol flexibility (high-resolution, low-power quantitative scanning to include high-power, high-throughput screening)—to the Triumph system. These features expand the Triumph’s application range into specimen scanning, detailed bone studies, lung morphology, and (potentially) tumor angiography.

  • Gamma Medica
  • 19355 Business Center Dr., Ste 8
  • Northridge CA, 91324

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