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June 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 12)

Heterodimer Immunoassay Kit

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The Erenna® Interleuken-17A/F (IL-17A/F) heterodimer immunoassay kit is an addition to a suite of TH17 pathway bioassays which also includes IL-17A and IL-17F as well as several others. These biomarkers are members of the IL-17 signaling pathway, serving to induce and mediate pro-inflammatory responses in numerous immune-mediated diseases. The IL-17 immunoassays, designed for use on the Erenna immunoassay system, can detect low levels of biomarkers in blood plasma samples and allow for the measurement of small changes in their concentrations that can help provide insights into drug efficacy or disease progression research.

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  • 1650 Harbor Bay Parkway
  • Alameda CA, 94502

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