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May 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 10)

Gel-Imaging System

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The G:BOX F3 gel-imaging system features a high-resolution 3.8 million pixel CCD camera with a motor-driven lens and built-in filter wheel contained in a compact darkroom. This automated system is controlled by GeneSys imaging software that can automatically set up lighting and filters from its database of imaging conditions for DNA, RNA, and protein dyes. Inside the G:BOX F3 system’s cabinet there is overhead Epi white light. Epi UV light, a UV transilluminator, and visible light converter options can also be fitted. The G:BOX F3 system also includes copies of GeneTools image-analysis software to enable researchers to use their own computers to generate quantitative analyses of their protein and DNA gels.

  • Syngene
  • 5103 Pegasus Court, Suite L
  • Frederick MD, 21704

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