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November 15, 2011 (Vol. 31 , No. 20)

Gel Documentation System

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The GENi2 gel documentation system is a next-generation version of the motorized GENi range. This point and press system can be used for many DNA and protein gel imaging applications. The system features a compact darkroom containing a two megapixel resolution camera, motor-driven lens, and six-position motorized filter wheel, all controlled by an internal high-speed processor. To set up image capture, image manipulation, and image rotation, researchers use an integrated touch-screen rather than an external computer. Researchers can save their images to a memory stick or network connection, and they can analyze the images with GeneTools software, which comes with the GENi2.

  • Syngene
  • 5103 Pegasus Court, Suite L
  • Frederick MD, 21704

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