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February 1, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 3)

Downflow Workstation

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Mystaire Misonix

The WS6 downflow workstation is designed especially for histology and pathology laboratory analysis. By drawing contaminated air downward into the stainless steel work surface, the WS6 can contain the potentially harmful vapors present when cutting or staining samples. Contaminated air is then drawn through a two-stage filter system for fume adsorption. The coconut shell carbon filtration media is designed to adsorb chemical vapors as well as neutralize a range of chemicals commonly used in histology and pathology. The open design and downward airflow pattern of the WS6 makes the unit particularly suited for microscopy work, or where close visibility is required.

  • Mystaire Misonix
  • 2150 East Wilton Avenue
  • Building 3, Suite C
  • Creedmoor NC, 27522

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