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May 1, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 9)

DNA Methylation Target-Enrichment System

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Agilent Technologies

The SureSelect XT Methyl-Seq system for epigenetic research into DNA methylation sites is an in-solution tool for analyzing under- and over-methylated cytosine sites on the human genome. The assay combines SureSelect, a target enrichment platform, with bisulfite sequencing. This enables good sequence coverage of relevant regions for epigenetic studies, including those associated with a range of disorders such as cancer, imprinting disorders, behavioral and mental disorders, and others. SureSelect XT Methyl-Seq allows researchers to analyze over 3.7 million individual CpG dinucleotide sequences for their methylation state. The system targets promoters, canonical CpG islands, and the “shores” and “shelves” that are found up to four kilobase pairs on either side of CpG islands.

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