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February 1, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 3)

Data Analysis Software

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Omics Explorer is visualization software that can help scientists speed up their research projects and present their findings in areas including human diseases such as leukemia and diabetes, animal testing for allergens, and blood doping in sports. The latest version, Omics Explorer 2.3, includes new features such as new box plots, line plots, and histogram plots. These have been developed to help researchers visualize, explore, and analyze a range of integrated high-dimensional data sets interactively and in real time. Upgrades include an enhanced heatmap plot facility with a range of ordering and configuration options, which can allow for detection of patterns, and clustering ability of thousands of variables.

  • Qlucore
  • Ideon Science Park
  • Scheelevagen 17
  • Lund , 223 70

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