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December 1, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 21)

Cryopreserved Primary Mouse Neurons

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Life Technologies

Gibco primary mouse cortical and hippocampal neurons are isolated and cryopreserved from C57BL/6 embryonic day-17 mice. A ready-to-use alternative to fresh neurons, these cryopreserved neurons are available in vials, each of which contains 1 million cells per mL. Yielding post-thaw viability in the range of 50–80%, the neurons have high neuronal purity, with greater than 98% retaining their neuronal phenotype. In addition, the neurons are functionally validated, having been tested for long-term survival, neurotransmitter response, and transduction. Intended for research use, these neurons are part of a line of cell culture products that includes reagents, proteins, and growth factors.

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