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February 1, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 3)

Counterion-Screening LC Columns

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Acclaim™ Trinity™ family of HPLC columns has been expanded with the introduction of Acclaim Trinity P2 columns. The new columns are designed to screen various counterions—including cations, anions, and mono- and multivalent ions—with one analysis, thanks to advanced mixed-mode Nanopolymer Silica Hybrid (NSH™) technology. NSH technology is designed to provide spatial separation of the anion exchange and cation regions, a capability that can result in greater resolution and selectivity control. Also, the particles’ hydrophilic surface can make the Acclaim Trinity P2 useful as a HILIC column. It can provide cation exchange, anion exchange, and HILIC retention on the same stationery phase.

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