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October 15, 2012 (Vol. 32 , No. 18)

CCD Cameras

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The CoolSNAP™ MYO and the CoolSNAP KINO CCD cameras are designed to discern details in biological samples under lower light levels. With 2.8M pixels, the MYO and KINO offer scientists the ability to visualize details at a high sensitivity. The MYO is capable of cooling to 0°C and features a fan that can be disabled. The KINO is cooled to 20°C without a fan and is suitable for applications such as AFM where vibration is not tolerated. The MYO and KINO work well for immunofluorescence and fluorescent protein imaging. The cameras are also well suited for near-infrared DIC, electrophysiology, particle tracking, and FRET and FRAP imaging.

  • Photometrics
  • 3440 East Britannia Drive
  • Tucson AZ, 85706

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