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July 1, 2014 (Vol. 34 , No. 13)

Bioprocess Analysis Software

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BioSolve Process 5, a new process analysis and economic modelling package, provides insight that enables biopharma innovators to reduce manufacturing costs and make informed process decisions to improve profitability and ultimately patient access. BioSolve Process 5 accesses the latest technologies and processes from across the biopharmaceutical sector to deliver impartial knowledge, allowing users to quickly carry out multiple process comparison analyses before making a commitment. In addition to two new unit operations—viral inactivation and UF/DF—BioSolve Process 5 comes with the following new features: continuous and hybrid process modelling, enhanced facility fit options, and improved solution make up from stocks and in-line buffer dilution.

  • Biopharm
  • Chess Business Park, Unit 1
  • Moor Road, Chesham
  • Bucks , HP5 1SD

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