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June 15, 2011 (Vol. 31 , No. 12)

Bi-Compartment Bioreactors

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New miniPERM® bioreactors feature two compartments separated by a dialysis membrane for production of highly concentrated cell products of several mg/mL and biomass of more than 107 cells/mL in small volumes. A nutrient module with membrane-vented cap serves as the media reservoir with a capacity of 550 mL. A production module, available in three volumes for suspension cells and an option for adherent cells, serves as the culture chamber with an outer gas-permeable silicone membrane. An inner semi-permeable dialysis membrane separates the production module from the nutrient module. It allows diffusion in and out of nutrients and low MWCO secreted metabolites and serves to concentrate product in the production module. Media is changed in the nutrient module without disrupting the cell culture, and cells and cell products can be checked and harvested multiple times from the production module.

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