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January 15, 2013 (Vol. 33 , No. 2)

5-Micron Core-Shell Media

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A 5-micron particle has been added to the Kinetex® core-shell product line. As the largest diameter particle in the family, Kinetex 5-micron core-shell columns can deliver better performance than 3- or 5-micron fully porous offerings, with no increase in backpressure. The new 5-micron media provides 90% higher average efficiencies compared to the same size fully porous columns, and little method development is required for good results on standard HPLC systems. Chromatographers can simply substitute these columns into reversed-phase HPLC methods that use traditional fully porous columns.

  • Phenomenex
  • 411 Madrid Avenue
  • Torrance CA, 90501

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