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Organ-on-a-chip (OOC) technologies are now being used across a range of drug discovery applications, through efficacy and into safety assessment. As the technology and applications evolve, new questions and opportunities are arising in terms of regulatory acceptance, cost efficiency, and model confidence through standardization.

In this GEN Learning Lab, CN Bio’s CSO Tomasz Kostrzewski, PhD, and toxicology consultant Clive Roper, PhD, will discuss all things OOC, including current applications, the evolving perspective of regulators, and ongoing efforts to harness OOCs’ potential in biomedicine.

Key questions addressed during the webinar include:

• How OOC is transforming drug discovery with its predictive and cost-effective approach.

• Discover how OOC tackles rising costs and prepares for the complexities of new drug modalities.

• Reduction and refinement of animal use while maintaining scientific rigor.

• Current industry challenges and how OOC providers are working to overcome them.

• Regulatory acceptance status, including the regulator’s viewpoint on OOC and ongoing efforts to support increased use.

This is an encore presentation. It was followed by a live audience Q&A session, giving the chance to pose questions to our experts.

Tomasz Kostrzewski
Tomasz Kostrzewski, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
CN Bio
Clive Roper
Clive Roper, PhD
Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited