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The development of novel biotherapeutics is an essential element in generating the power to cure the incurable. With recent advances in cell and molecular biology, cell therapy has emerged as an effective means to treat a host of biological disorders. However, challenges remain for the clinical and commercial manufacturing of these advanced therapy products.

Join us for this GEN webinar where we will discuss the manufacturing challenges that many researchers face as they begin to scale-out and scale-up biotherapy production. Moreover, we will discuss how the latest solutions from Corning Life Sciences can streamline bioproduction workflows and ease those cell and regenerative therapy manufacturing woes.

Who Should Attend

  • Cell therapy investigators
  • Upstream bioprocessing scientists
  • Drug discovery researchers
  • Molecular biologists
  • Cell biologists

You Will Learn

  • The latest challenges that face developers of advanced cell therapy products and some potential solutions
  • How a contract research organization like WuXi AppTec is supporting the advancement of innovative biotherapies
  • About solutions from Corning Life Sciences that can be utilize to simplify cell therapy research and help investigators accomplish their specific goals

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Alan Moore,
VP and Commercial Chief for Biologics and Advanced Therapies,
WuXi AppTec

Kate Strathearn, Ph.D.
Bioprocess Sales Specialist,
Corning Life Sciences