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Diseases can be thought of as the result of systems perturbations that occur when normal biological signaling is disrupted. Various “omics” technologies have added to understanding the mechanisms underlying these disruptions. But interpretation of these findings in a functional context remains challenging as multiple laboratories have developed analytical tools focused on specific needs rather than global integration of omics information.

MetaCore™ addresses the issue of contextual biology across a wide range of disciplines by providing an integrated software suite for functional analysis of next-gen sequencing, variant, CNV, microarray, metabolic, SAGE, proteomics, siRNA, microRNA, and screening data.

Developed by Thomson Reuters and based on a high-quality, manually curated database of transcription factors, receptors, ligands, kinases, drugs, and endogenous metabolites as well as other molecular classes, MetaCore captures high-quality experimental evidence from peer-reviewed literature.

In this webinar presenters will discuss how through curating interactions, omics-disease relationships, and constructing canonical pathways from omics experiments, high dimensional data can be placed into a systems biology context.

Current enhancements and modifications to MetaCore, as well as case studies will also be presented.

Who Should Attend

  • Biological researchers
  • Signaling pathway researchers
  • Drug discovery scientists
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Translational researchers

You Will Learn

  • How Discovery Science at Thomson Reuters supports patient stratification in pharma R&D
  • How disease and species specific signaling pathway maps can offer insights into fundamental disease mechanisms
  • How Thomson Reuters Systems Biology Tools have evolved to support the advances that have been made in omics technology and data generation

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Chris McKenna,
General Manager,
Thomson Reuters

Matthew Wampole, Ph.D.
Senior Solutions Scientist,
Clarivate Analytics

Mark Hughes, Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager,
Thomson Reuters