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Amino acid analysis is essential in a variety of investigational projects as well as in routine QC and process monitoring. Amino acids analysis is used in protein and peptide identification and quantitation of a biotherapeutic API and finished drug product, as well as in monitoring cell culture media to optimize the production of protein biopharmaceuticals.

Successful analysis requires consideration of sample handling, separation, and detection of the amino acids. In this webinar, Tom Wheat will present a turnkey solution based on pre-column derivatization and enhanced separation using reversed-phase UPLC. This solution combines ACQUITY UPLC Systems and AccQ•Tag Ultra chemistries to deliver greater resolution, sensitivity, accuracy, and productivity than traditional chromatographic techniques. The solution has been validated across several applications and makes it possible to analyze a wide range of samples with a short analysis time and reach accurate and precise qualitative and quantitative results.

Who Should Attend

  • Biochemists
  • Biopharmaceutical and therapeutic protein developers
  • Scientists developing biopharmaceutical analytical workflows
  • QC/QA scientists manufacturing recombinant proteins, antibodies, etc.
  • Protein analytical scientists interested in analysis and quantification of amino acids

You Will Learn About

  • A turnkey, fully-supported amino acid analysis solution that optimizes instrumentation, chemistries, software and qualification tools and streamlined method.
  • The AccQ•Tag™ Ultra derivatization and separation chemistries, including quality-control tested columns, reagents, and eluents.
  • Obtaining accurate, precise and reproducible results for a broad range of samples, including cell culture media and protein hydrolysates.
  • Leveraging customized, easy-to-use data processing and reporting for enhanced laboratory productivity.

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Tom Wheat, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist,
Waters Corporation