Broadcast Date: June 12th, 2018
Time: 11 am PT, 2 pm ET

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Because of its reliability, sensitivity and low cost, PCR has become the backbone of modern diagnostics. In recent years, researchers have ingeniously capitalized on the fundamental nature of PCR through multiplexing reactions—saving reagent costs, precious samples, and user time. Multiplexing has also enabled pathogen screening and genotyping for much larger numbers of targets, thereby improving the breadth and utility of diagnostics. However, while multiplexing reactions can be a boon to lab productivity, they are not without their pitfalls. The added parameters of multiplexed PCR reactions can dramatically increase the complexity of experimental design and validation to frustrating levels for many researchers. In the digital age, computers have been employed to ease design woes. Yet, not all software is created equal. Solving the multiplex PCR design challenge has required breakthroughs in understanding the science behind the mechanism of PCR and determining what makes PCR reactions fail, implementing modern algorithms, and implementing modern cloud computing.

Join us for this new GEN webinar where we will learn how PanelPlex™ has allowed investigators to quickly and efficiently design infectious disease panels for molecular diagnostics and patient-specific oncogenic panels for cancer prognosis and individual response to therapy. Additionally, we will hear how collaborative efforts and software innovation have led to the design of diagnostic panels for upper respiratory pathogens, HPV and STD panels, sepsis and others.

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