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Special Guests:

  • Heather Gray-Edwards, PhD (UMass Medical School)
  • James Wilson, MD, PhD (Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Artur Padzik, PhD (AAV Production Manager, Biovian)

Gene therapy has made tremendous strides over the past decade or so. The first approved drugs are on the market, and literally hundreds of trials are underway offering unprecedented hope to patients with rare, debilitating genetic disorders. Nevertheless, safety issues continue to swirl around the field as adverse events are reported in trials involving both lentivirus and AAV vectors. Pricing and manufacturing pose additional hurdles that could significantly challenge the field.

In the May edition of GEN Live, we discuss the transformation of gene therapy from an academic endeavor to a billion-dollar biotech industry. We’ll discuss the latest research advances and hurdles, highlights from ASGCT, trends in delivery, and hear the panel’s vision for the future.



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Heather Gray-Edwards, PhD
Heather Gray-Edwards, PhD
Assistant Professor, Radiology
UMass Medical School
James M. Wilson MD, PhD
James M. Wilson MD, PhD
Director, Gene Therapy Program
Perelman School of Medicine, Penn
Artur Padzik, PhD
Artur Padzik, PhD
AAV Production Manager