Chloe Pavley
Chloe Pavely
Global Regulatory Director
Wendy Srnic PhD
Wendy Srnic, PhD
Seed Business Platform R&D Leader
Jack Wang PhD
Jack Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University
co-founder, TreeCo

The State of Agbiotech

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Despite the immense promise of CRISPR as a gene editing tool in medicine, many experts believe the most important application of this Nobel Prize-winning technology actually lies in agricultural biotechnology. Humanity is facing a global crisis in food production as our crops and plants more broadly are threatened by the menace of various pests—viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites—drought and climate change. CRISPR and other gene editing technologies could provide solutions to this emergency by enhancing pest and drought resistance and nutritional value.

In the July episode of GEN Live, three experts from “Big Ag” and plant biotech start-ups discuss the impact of new technologies for safeguarding the world’s food supply, the current state of GMO regulations, and new applications of plant genome editing.

Guests include:
Chloe Pavely—Global Regulatory Director, Calyxt
Wendy Srnic, PhD—Seed Business Platform R&D Leader, Corteva
Jack Wang, PhD—Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University; co-founder, TreeCo 

Kevin Davies, PhD
Julianna LeMieux, PhD
Alex Philppidis
John Sterling