Leland Gershell
Leland Gershell, MD, PhD
Managing Director and Senior Analyst
BioPharmaceuticals, Oppenheimer
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John Serling
Editor in Chief
Alex Philippidis
Alex Philippidis
Senior Business Writer

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The biopharma industry has been among the strongest performers on financial markets this year, as the scramble to develop drugs and vaccines for COVID-19 has drawn new investors to the sector, reflected in sharp price increases for companies perceived as front runners, as well as a new wave of mergers and acquisitions and companies carrying out IPOs. From their 2020 lows in March at the start of the pandemic, share prices for three ETFs have risen over the past six months between 28% and 60%. Yet next month’s U.S. presidential election presents a potential challenge to the health of the markets near-term.

On Episode 5 of GEN Live, we’ll discuss with a pair of expert biopharma industry analysts how the markets are weathering the challenges posed by COVID-19, the reasons behind the recent M&A and IPO activity, as well as a spate of new R&D collaborations.

Attendees were able to ask questions live or via chat/social media.

• John Sterling – GEN Editor in Chief
• Alex Philippidis – GEN Senior Business Writer

Special Guests:
• Leland Gershell, MD, PhD (Oppenheimer)

Moderated by: Kevin Davies (GEN/The CRISPR Journal)

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