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The next evolutionary frontier for the biopharmaceutical industry is the widespread adoption of integrated continuous bioprocessing for biologics manufacturing. The key to its success, however, is the availability of novel upstream and downstream technologies that will not only reduce facility footprint, capital expenses, and product cost of goods, but will also increase process productivity, flexibility, and further facilitate the utilization of single-use and/or disposable technologies. This presentation will provide a risk-based and data-driven overview of an integrated bioprocessing platform, highlighting challenges and opportunities for product development.

Join this webinar and hear directly from the presenters who participated last month at the Recovery of Biological Products XVII Conference and were honored to be awarded second place for innovation for the poster presentation, Acoustic Wave Separation—A Scalable Disruptive Technology for Continuous Clarification of Fed Batch Cell Culture Prior to Capture Chromatography.

Who Should Attend

  • Process development scientists
  • Biomanufacturing and scale-up technologists
  • Chief scientific officers and chief technical officers
  • Tech transfer specialists and pilot-scale scientists
  • CMO scientists

You Will Learn

  • The evolving nature of continuous bioprocessing technologies.
  • Scalability solutions.
  • Practical applications and methodologies of continuous bioprocessing systems.
  • That decreased costs, smaller operational footprint, and improved asset utilization are invaluable benefits.

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Peter Levison, Ph.D.
Senior Marketing Director,
Pall Life Sciences

Engin Ayturk, Ph.D.
Senior R&D Manager,
Pall Life Sciences