Madhavi Anumula, MS
Madhavi Anumula, MS
Director Process Development
Catalent Cell and Gene
Metin Kurtoglu, MD, PhD
Metin Kurtoglu, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Cartesian Therapeutics
Knut Niss, PhD
Knut Niss, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Mustang Bio
Juan F. Vera, MD
Juan F. Vera, MD
Chief Product
Development Officer
Marker Therapeutics

CAR-T Therapy: Working with a Manufacturing Partner

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The highly complex logistics of autologous and allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies coupled with the characteristics of the biological blueprint of donor and patient sourced material, necessitate consideration of numerous critical factors when it comes to scaling manufacturing and working with a suitable manufacturing partner. Much effort is underway across manufacturing partners to improve the processes, scale, timelines, and production pipelines for CAR-T therapies. Nevertheless, there remain many difficult challenges in scaling up autologous and allogenic CAR-T cell manufacturing and characterizing the function and potency of CAR-T cell products.

In this roundtable—CAR-T Therapy: Working with a Manufacturing Partner—hear from four distinguished experts as they critically weigh the benefits of working with a manufacturing partner. This roundtable, sponsored by Catalent, is a must-see for early and late-stage cell therapy innovator companies who are considering a manufacturing partnership.

Attendees will be able to gain insight into:

  • Key consideration points for selecting a process development and manufacturing partner
  • How manufacturing complexities shift as therapies move to late-stage
  • Working with an integrated partner across the value chain from raw materials to commercial supply


  • Madhavi Anumula, MS—Director Process Development, Catalent Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Metin Kurtoglu, MD, PhD—Chief Medical Officer, Cartesian Therapeutics
  • Knut Niss, PhD—Chief Technology Officer, Mustang Bio
  • Juan F. Vera, MD—Chief product development officer, Marker Therapeutics, Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine


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