It’s been said that “competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better!” And while the author of this quote may still be unknown, the message that it inspires is intensely familiar. The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers from MilliporeSigma are fundamental to the development of innovative resolutions to common bioproduction problems. The technical expertise of the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers spans all aspects of the bioprocessing spectrum, and the facilities are located in key biopharma hubs around the world—with experts able to tackle region-specific challenges, as well as the toughest scientific problems. In the podcasts below, you can listen to compelling stories of novel solutions and innovative application of technologies that brought M Lab™ Collaboration Centers team members together with various biopharmacuetical manufacturers to make science, better.

Podcast Series: Collaborations in Bioprocessing

Navigating the Regulatory Terrain during Cell & Gene Therapy Production

In this GENcast, sponsored by MilliporeSigma, we chatted with two team members and picked their brains about some of the challenges currently facing manufacturers in this space. Listen in and hear what they have to say…
DNA and pills

Solve Your Biotherapeutic Challenges with Help from Gene Therapy University

The cell and gene therapy fields have exploded with new treatments for a variety of diseases, as well as the potential to treat a host of other disorders in the near future. Yet, the transition from the benchtop to production scale is never straightforward and typically...
CAR T cell immunotherapy, illustration

Engineered Therapy: Ramping Up CAR-T Biomanufacturing Goals

Immunotherapies like CAR-T are not only shaping the way that physicians can treat their patients but also how biopharmaceutical companies approach their future drug discovery and biomanufacturing projects. The success of CAR-T therapies has made them an essential tool for treating diseases like cancer, and many areas...
Black scientist working with scientific images

Collaborating for Filtration Success, Virtually

Bioproduction work is never easy but trying to run filter sizing trials in the midst of a global pandemic only serves to make matters even more difficult. So, when scientists at Janssen Sciences Ireland found themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, they...
Woman in protective wear having a video conference at desk

Virtual Becomes Reality for Biopharma Vaccine Development

When a pandemic hits, business, as usual, is not a viable path forward in the biopharmaceutical industry. Researchers need to stay safe and healthy to continue working, developing much-needed therapeutics for patients in need. Yet when travel restrictions, quarantines, and distance measures are put...
Virtual Reality Conference

Digital Tools Push Single-Use Technology Challenges to the Side

In a previous podcast, we heard about the power of virtual collaborations during a pharmaceutical company’s push to meet their manufacturing goals...
Abstract network

Virtual Collaborations Push Pharma Forward During Pandemic

With regions of the world cycling through societal re-openings and shutdowns due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, pharma and life science companies are tasked with trying to find creative solutions that help keep production lines moving, as well as drive innovation forward. For instance,...
Scientist Interacting With The Computer Via Touch Screen

Trends in Bioprocess 4.0 and their Impact on Biomanufacturing

The biomanufacturing industry is currently undergoing a revolution in how it produces biopharmaceutical products. The driving force behind this paradigm shift...
ImmunoglobulinG Antibody Molecule

Helping Biosimilars Emerge into Global Markets Takes a Practiced Hand

Currently, almost 60 percent of drugs in development are being created by emerging biotech companies focused on therapies for niche diseases with small patient populations. For emerging biotech and small companies in early-stage clinical development, accessing the market as quickly as possible is immensely...

Find the Right Fit when Tackling Late Stage Bioprocessing Challenges

In this GENcast, we explore different troubleshooting techniques that the M Lab™ Collaboration Center experts employed, together with Biogen, to solve their facility fit challenges.
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