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June 24, 2014

microRNA Temporal Associations

Find out where the hotspots are in miRNA research.

microRNA Temporal Associations

The authors present a temporal picture of the miRNA space—i.e., how the miR associations “rolled out” over time. [University of Toronto]

  • The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to present some of Select Biosciences' recent industry tracking of the microRNA publications ensemble as a means to describe hotspots of microRNA association with biological phenotypes both spatially and temporally.

    Highlights of this report:

    • We have characterized the en bloc publications landscape of microRNAs.
    • Utilizing our approach, we can map the temporal rollout of microRNAs associated with a particular disease class over time; this allows us to visualize how current a particular area of interest is, as well as determine if a particular set of molecular entities are gaining or losing momentum vis-à-vis their association with a particular disease class.
    • As microRNAs reach the clinic as diagnostics and therapeutics we can examine the pipeline of clinical trials and candidates and compare with the publications landscape to ask how these correlate—are the heavily published species the fastest ones to translate toward the clinic?
    • This approach is scalable and can be applied to various other disease classes as well as biomarker classes and other molecular entities.

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