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Volume 44, Issue No. 7, July 2024

GEN July 2024 cover

Another July, another chance to recall that the Declaration of Independence exalted, among other things, the pursuit of happiness. For many, the pursuit can be circuitous but still, ultimately, rewarding. Consider single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), which typically requires specialized instrumentation and consumables in addition to a sequencer, effectively disenfranchising many laboratories. But as this issue of GEN reports, kits are emerging that promise to democratize scRNA-seq, which is only fitting, since the technology expresses the “one cell, one vote” principle. This issue of GEN also includes an article describing how synthetic DNA production may be liberated an exclusive reliance on traditional methods now that enzymatic methods are being introduced. And several articles describe development platforms and manufacturing systems that are designed to ensure that the greatest number of patients will benefit from cell and gene therapies. Finally, despite our egalitarian impulses, we present a list of top 10 drugs.

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New Kits Are Democratizing Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Single cell analysis

Enzymatic DNA Synthesis: Shorter Waits, Longer Strands

Mle on computer with computer screen

Stem Cell Therapy Development Embraces New Technologies

Eppendorf’s scalable BioBLU bioreactor

Streamlining CAR/TCR T-Cell Therapy Manufacturing

CAR T cell immunotherapy

Adapting a Replication-Competent AAV Assay for Commercial Manufacturing


Analytics Key to AV and AAV Manufacturing

Adeno-associated viruses

Unlocking Cell Therapy’s Full Potential by Rewiring T-Cell Metabolism

T cells attacking cancer cells

Standardized Cell and Gene Therapy Hub A Call to Action

artificial intelligence

Switching Gene Therapy On and Off with a Pill

DNA in a capsule

Rethinking Pharma and Biotech Outsourcing

Improving Translatability of CAR T-Cell Therapy through Advanced Mouse Models

Chimeric antigen receptor CAR - car T-Cell

A New Research Toolbox at the Forefront of Genomic Engineering


Creating Consistency and Confidence for Biopharma Companies

Charles River lab

Behind the Scenes with Scripps Laboratories…The Future of Diagnostics


Mapping the Future of Cancer Care


Webinar Recap: Modeling the Holistic Journey of Solid Tumor Cell Therapy with Organ-Chips

Emulate Tray Insert

Lab Automation and Robotics Enclosures

Automated Microbial Air Sampling

LCMS RX TQ Mass Spectrometry Series

Assay to Quantify Antibody Aggregation

Benchtop Cell Analyzer

Mass Spectrometer

Top 10 Best Selling Drugs

Healthcare/Drug costs

eePASSIGE Engineers Gene-Sized Edits in Human Cells 

Left DNA

StockWatch: Nvidia’s $3T Market Cap, Tempus’ $400M IPO Reflect AI Allure

A member of Nvidia’s failure analysis team at work in the company's Santa Clara, CA, lab.

Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Major Depressive Disorder Linked to New Gene Expression Patterns

depressed woman

Bone-Enhancing Peptide Shows Promise as Therapeutic for Osteoporosis and MSK Disorders

bone scans

HIV Vaccine Triggered Elusive Broadly Neutralizing HIV Antibodies, Trial Shows


Could Single Technologies’ 3D Sequencing Deliver the $10 Genome?

Digital blue background with DNA double helix structure. Nucleic acid sequence. Genetic research. 3d illustration. Pixelated effect.