GEN Magazine

Volume 44, Issue No. 4, April 2024

GEN April 2024 cover

In the biosciences, some advances can’t help but catch our eyes—and our imaginations. Take the emergence of super-resolution microscopy technology, the subject of this month’s cover story. Because the new technology allows us to pinpoint and track individual molecules in living cells, it amazes us almost as much as the earliest microscopes must have amazed van Leeuwenhoek once he used them to glimpse unsuspected “animalcules.” But let’s remember that the excitement of seeing new worlds isn’t limited to microscopists, or everyday scientists who now have access to user-friendly super-resolution platforms. As this issue of GEN demonstrates, new worlds are being revealed by other technologies. For example, organoid models, AI platforms, and epigenetic technologies are delivering drug development insights, and platform processes are showing how to streamline the manufacture of AAV gene therapies. Finally, as this month’s A-List details, NGS companies are introducing tools to widen genomics (and multiomics) explorations.

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Super-Resolution Microscopy Can Be Super-Accessible

Evident Fluoview CytoSkelton

Best of NGS: The Instrument Companies to Watch


Organoids Stand Out as Stand Ins in Drug Development


Epigenetic Technologies Find Clinical Applications

Carlo Vermeulen, PhD, loading a MinION Nanopore sequencer

Epigenetic Therapy Targets Endocrine-Resistant Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

AI-Driven Drug Discovery Straddles the Virtual and the Real

Empress library illustration

Platform Processes May Reduce AAV Gene Therapy Costs

Charles River Laboratories

3D-Printed Tumors Replicate Biopsies of Cancer Patients

3D-printed colorectal cancer tumor

Thawing Station

Multi-Level Test Kits

Autonomous Single-Cell Platform


Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

mRNA Production Kit

Drug Discovery Program Management Software

Advancing Cell Analytics: A Vision for the Future

Novel RNA Therapeutic Modalities

New Mouse Models Improve the Accuracy of Preclinical Studies

cancer cell and lymphocytes

Maximizing Efficacy in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development


Resolving Epigenetic Heterogeneity with Single-Cell DNA Methylation Analysis

Scale April 2024 sponsored content hero image

In a First, Organoid Model Resembles All Three Sections of Embryonic Brain and Spinal Cord


ALS-Linked Protein Could Be Target for Neurodegenerative Disease Therapies

motor neuron disease

Leaky Blood Vessels in the Brain Linked to Brain Fog in Long COVID Patients

Male portrait with hands touching his temples. Brain activity, injury, pain, headache, illness or sickness, meditation, thinking, healing, relaxation conceptual 3d rendering illustration with copy space.

PRINT: Precise RNA-Mediated Insertion of Transgenes

Molting blue to orange DNA double stand represented evolution or mutant, 3D rendered

WHO Launches Biomanufacturing Workforce Training Initiative


AI Finds Women and Men Differ with Respect to Brain Organization and Function

Autism, puzzle pieces and brain