GEN Magazine

Volume 44, Issue No. 3, March 2024

March 2024 cover

Dancers look insane if you cannot hear the music. And yet the dancers we know as biomolecules usually get the benefit of the doubt, even if the steps they take, the ensembles they join, and the tempos they keep follow a logic that we cannot quite grasp. Usually, biomolecules perform as they should, sustaining our health, our very lives. Sometimes, however, biomolecules disturb life’s delicate choreography, giving rise to disease. To discover how this might happen—and devise remedies—we can take a close look at protein-protein interactions. Several ways of doing so are suggested by this month’s cover story. Other stories in this issue could benefit from dance metaphors. For example, we see how bioconjugates may consist of unusual partners, how spatial omics may suffer if the scientific dance becomes a legal dance, and how the music of the market energizes or depresses scientific careers. And we can see that cancer genomics and synthetic biology are getting ready to break some moves, too.

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Protein-Protein Interactions Dance into the Spotlight

HaloTag NanoBRET 618 ligand

Top 10 Life Sciences Jobs in the Next Decade

UK, York, Team of researchers inspecting charts on interactive screens

Bioconjugates Meet and Promise to Exceed Expectations

WuXi XDC equipment

Extended Reality Helps Drug Designers Realize Bold Visions

Two people using Nanome's virtual and augmented reality software

Cancer Genomics Aims to See All, Know All, Inform All

Tempus researcher in lab

What’s in Vogue for SynBio’s Retooling of Nature’s Code?

Person looking at screen

AGBT Meeting Covers Wide Range of Genomics Advances

AFBT 2024 banner

Antibody-Drug Conjugates Challenges and Trends

Antibody Drug Conjugate

Accelerating Progress in Cell and Gene Therapy

Azenta's CryoHEFreeze

Enzyme-Detection Kit

Rapid Animal-Free Bacterial Endotoxin Test

Lentivirus Production

High-Throughput Screening Solution

Epstein-Barr Virus Assay

End-to-End Automated NGS Library Preparation

Re-Imagining Surface Plasmon Resonance for Characterizing Biomolecular Interactions

Nicoya Alto x Model

Supporting the Future of mRNA Therapeutics

Wacker building

Protein-Protein Interactions: The Basis of Physiological Processes

macro image of glycoproteins

Kick Cold-Chain Dependency: The Future of Antibody Storage Is Here

Antibody drug conjugated with cytotoxic payload

Measuring the PK of Albumin Formatted Therapeutics

Jackson Lab Antibody

NanoString Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Launches Strategic Review

Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Patients with Pancreatic, Colon Cancer

human cancer cell

Enveloped Delivery Vehicles Enable Targeted Genome Engineering of Human Cells

HIV virus floating with DNA background, HIV vaccine and treatment, HIV virus disease therapy concept

Five Deaf Children Have Hearing Restored by AAV-Based Gene Therapy

Hearing loss

Anti-CRISPR Proteins Can Regulate Cas3 Targeted Deletions

CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing complex from S pyogenes. 3D Illustration.

StockWatch: Nvidia Jumps 24% on Recursion, Amgen AI Partnerships