GEN Magazine

Volume 44, Issue No. 2, February 2024

GEN February 2024 cover

If, by February, you tire of winter, think of it as being less about endings and more about beginnings—beginnings of the sort described in this issue of GEN. It highlights several fresh starts. Mass spectrometry is beginning to support proteomic research at the single-cell level. Psychedelic drug research, once frozen by legal strictures, is seeing a thaw, one enhanced by the introduction of safer molecules and more convenient regimens. And look for more greening in biomanufacturing, where sustainability metrics are taking root, encouraging investments in technologies that use energy, water, and raw materials more sparingly. Also, continued growth in RNA medicines seems assured now that stability and deliverability challenges are being overcome. Even so dark a subject as antimicrobial resistance admits some light, thanks to innovative companies that are defying the well-known economic disincentives and developing new interventions. Finally, as our A-List of takeover targets indicates, a spring of M&A activity is anticipated.

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Antimicrobial Resistance: Multiple Threats, Multiple Responses

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Mass Spec–Based Single-Cell Proteomics Grapples with Heterogeneity

Multicolored square shape geometric background

Mass Spec Adds Weight to Single-Cell Analysis

Group of blue-colored cells under microscope

Top 10 Biopharma Takeover Targets of 2024

Connection together puzzle pieces

RNA Medicines Address Stability and Deliverability Challenges

CureVac lab with scientists

Biomanufacturing’s Green Theme

Green DNA

Psychedelics Coming into the Modern Age of Medicine

Psychedelics Compass Patient

Possible Polymer Delivery Systems Outnumber the Stars

Jeff M. Ting, PhD, synthesizes a polymer library that is to be characterized by SAYER, Nanite’s AI platform.

CRISPR and Delicious

Meat grown in a laboratory illustration

Sustainability Is in Cell Signaling Technology’s DNA

Cell Signaling Technology’s headquarters

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: A Simple Method with Great Potential

virus, microbes

A Powerful New Solution Combines Genetics and Epigenetics to Predict Functional Genomics

duet multiomics-solution modC

Fluid Path Single-Use Equipment

IoT Combination Antennas

Ductless Air Hoods

Waterproof Omni Antennas

Bioreactor System

Reagent Cocktail Preparation System

JPM: Prime Medicine Eyes 2024 IND for First Prime Editing Therapy


Prime Editors, Delivered by Virus-Like Particles, Partially Restore Vision in Blind Mice

Genome editing

Moonwalk Biosciences Raises $57M to Edit the Epigenome

DNA methyl transferase

An RNA-Based Switch for Dialing Gene Therapy Up or Down

Regenerative Medicine

RiboTAC Targets “Undruggable” Parkinson’s Protein, α-Synuclein

Neurons in Parkinson's disease - stock photo