GEN Magazine

, Volume 44

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Protein-Protein Interactions Dance into the Spotlight

HaloTag NanoBRET 618 ligand

Top 10 Life Sciences Jobs in the Next Decade

UK, York, Team of researchers inspecting charts on interactive screens

Bioconjugates Meet and Promise to Exceed Expectations

WuXi XDC equipment

Extended Reality Helps Drug Designers Realize Bold Visions

Two people using Nanome's virtual and augmented reality software

Cancer Genomics Aims to See All, Know All, Inform All

Tempus researcher in lab

What’s in Vogue for SynBio’s Retooling of Nature’s Code?

Person looking at screen

AGBT Meeting Covers Wide Range of Genomics Advances

AFBT 2024 banner

Antibody-Drug Conjugates Challenges and Trends

Antibody Drug Conjugate

Accelerating Progress in Cell and Gene Therapy

Enzyme-Detection Kit

Rapid Animal-Free Bacterial Endotoxin Test

Lentivirus Production

High-Throughput Screening Solution

Epstein-Barr Virus Assay

End-to-End Automated NGS Library Preparation

Re-Imagining Surface Plasmon Resonance for Characterizing Biomolecular Interactions

Nicoya Alto x Model

Supporting the Future of mRNA Therapeutics

Wacker building

Protein-Protein Interactions: The Basis of Physiological Processes

macro image of glycoproteins

Kick Cold-Chain Dependency: The Future of Antibody Storage Is Here

Antibody drug conjugated with cytotoxic payload

Measuring the PK of Albumin Formatted Therapeutics

Jackson Lab Antibody

NanoString Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Launches Strategic Review

Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Patients with Pancreatic, Colon Cancer

human cancer cell

Antimicrobial Resistance: Multiple Threats, Multiple Responses

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Mass Spec–Based Single-Cell Proteomics Grapples with Heterogeneity

Multicolored square shape geometric background

Mass Spec Adds Weight to Single-Cell Analysis

Group of blue-colored cells under microscope

Top 10 Biopharma Takeover Targets of 2024

Connection together puzzle pieces

RNA Medicines Address Stability and Deliverability Challenges

CureVac lab with scientists

Biomanufacturing’s Green Theme

Green DNA

Psychedelics Coming into the Modern Age of Medicine

Psychedelics Compass Patient

Possible Polymer Delivery Systems Outnumber the Stars

Jeff M. Ting, PhD, synthesizes a polymer library that is to be characterized by SAYER, Nanite’s AI platform.

CRISPR and Delicious

Meat grown in a laboratory illustration

Sustainability Is in Cell Signaling Technology’s DNA

Cell Signaling Technology’s headquarters

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: A Simple Method with Great Potential

virus, microbes

A Powerful New Solution Combines Genetics and Epigenetics to Predict Functional Genomics

duet multiomics-solution modC

Fluid Path Single-Use Equipment

IoT Combination Antennas

Ductless Air Hoods

Waterproof Omni Antennas

Bioreactor System

Reagent Cocktail Preparation System

Enveloped Delivery Vehicles Enable Targeted Genome Engineering of Human Cells

HIV virus floating with DNA background, HIV vaccine and treatment, HIV virus disease therapy concept

Five Deaf Children Have Hearing Restored by AAV-Based Gene Therapy

Hearing loss

Anti-CRISPR Proteins Can Regulate Cas3 Targeted Deletions

CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing complex from S pyogenes. 3D Illustration.

StockWatch: Nvidia Jumps 24% on Recursion, Amgen AI Partnerships

FDA Approves the First CRISPR Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell anemia

Inexpensive Sequencing Is Enabling the Age of Multiomics

Scientist interacting with an Illumina NextSeq 2000

Our Continuously Changing Cellular Genomes

Black and red bubbles background

Synthetic Dreams: Data and AI Catalyze Drug Innovation

Molecular background

Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing and Development Trends

CAR-T cell therapy

Top 25 Biotech Companies of 2024

Financial graph on technology abstract background

What Will 2024 Mean for NGS and Genomics?

Big data technology and data science.

Laboratory Automation Leverages Artificial Intelligence

Tecan laboratory automation instruments

Laboratory Automation Reaches Every Stage of Drug Development

Agilent's Bravo NGS with female lab scientist

AI in Drug Discovery: Trust, but Verify

tail fiber of the Mu phage binds to bacterial membranes during infection

Smart Biomanufacturing: From Piecemeal to All of a Piece

Scientist with tablet

Accelerating Recombinant Protein Vaccine Development

Scientis looking at a vial

JPM: Prime Medicine Eyes 2024 IND for First Prime Editing Therapy


Leveraging Genomic AI to Deliver a More Accurate and Comprehensive Genome

Scientist interacting with an Illumina NextSeq 2000

Prime Editors, Delivered by Virus-Like Particles, Partially Restore Vision in Blind Mice

Genome editing

Stainless Steel Canopy Hoods

Nucleic Acid Purification System

Fiber Optic Adapter and Connector

Antibody Cocktail

Metabolic Assay Kit

Imaging Photometer

Moonwalk Biosciences Raises $57M to Edit the Epigenome

DNA methyl transferase

An RNA-Based Switch for Dialing Gene Therapy Up or Down

Regenerative Medicine

RiboTAC Targets “Undruggable” Parkinson’s Protein, α-Synuclein

Neurons in Parkinson's disease - stock photo

Biopharma Site Selection Goes beyond Location, Location, Location

The Georgetown Company and Beacon Capital Partners building Manhattan