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, Volume 44

Website Content From This Issue

Website Content from This Issue

Multiomic Mosaics Cell by Cell, Pixel by Pixel

Tonsil Tissue

Multiomics Couples Data Generation and Clinical Science

Sapient Bioanalytics MS Instruments

Microbiome Therapeutics: Out of Range or Just Under the Radar?

Virus outbreak disease spread infection analyze 3D animation infected monitor screen HUD UI user interface health science technology futuristic warning alert sign hazard color background

AI Emboldens the Exploration of Target Space


CRISPR 2.0: Kinder, Gentler, More Powerful Gene Editing

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

Upstream Bioprocessing: Virtual Bioreactors Get Real

Raman Spectroscopy

Upstream Bioprocessing: More Intense and More Stable

Bayer's Cell Therapy Launch Facility in Berkeley, CA

AI Isn’t the Magic Bullet to Simplify Drug Discovery

Finding “Impossible” Antibodies in the Human Body

Infinimmume Cofounders Katie Pfeiffer and Mike Gibbons

Evolving Trends in Pharmaceuticals

Evolving Trends

Mitigating Risks in Oligonucleotide Therapeutic Development

The COVID-19 vaccine mRNA is translated to the viral spike protein in a ribosome

Accelerating the Search for Therapeutic Antibodies

OmniAb Ploration Image

Simple, Scalable Absolute Concentrations in Untargeted Metabolomics

Matterworks equipment

Get to Your Data Faster: Overcoming Challenges in Spatial Biology

TME Keyvisual Tumor escape

Computer-Aided Design for Biology

Asimov June 2024 sponsored content hero image

Multiomics Opens the Door: More Data, More Insight into Biology’s Complexity

ATAC infographic

Increased Transfection Efficiency Boosts AAV Titers for Gene Therapies by 2–4X

Microspectral Analysis Safety

Spectral Flow Cytometry Solution

Advance Multimodal Therapeutics with Multimodal Entity Registration Software


Automated Gel Staining

TOC Analyzer

Digital Liquid Flow Sensor

NGS Panel for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Top 10 Publicly Owned Gene Editing Therapy Companies

Concept image of a diverse group of people silhouetted against an abstract background with a double helix depicting genetic research and chromosomes

Top Five Privately Held Gene Editing Therapy Companies

Scientists in lab with DNA on the computer screen

Boy Dosed with Pfizer DMD Gene Therapy Dies a Year after Phase II Trial

Gene therapy image

CRISPR Enzyme Found in Metagenomic Study Is Tiny, Yet Active and Precise

Adeno-associated viruses, 3D illustration

Multispecific Antibodies Come to Grips with Manifold Targets

Bispecific antibody in action

Cancer Vaccine Tested in Glioblastoma Patients Shows Potential of mRNA Aggregates

Brain Tumor

Vaccine Developers Leverage mRNA and Other Powerful Technologies

Emergex Vaccines research

In Vivo Gene Editing Grants Access to Medical Treasures

Adeno-associated viruses, illustration

Proteomics in Portland: A Report from the U.S. HUPO Meeting

US HUPO 2024

Rise of Automation in Mass Spectrometry–Based Proteomics

Opentrons feature image

Cell Therapy Manufacturing: Time to Move Fast

Cell Therapy lab picture

Protein Microparticles Turn Infusions into Injectables

Elektrofi Seaport Lab

Top 10 Best-Selling Cell and Gene Therapies

cell and gene therapy

Bad Facts Make for Horrible Health Policy

Frozen human embryos being removed from liquid nitrogen storage

Advanced In Vitro Screening of New Drugs for Proarrhythmic Activity

Organoid-Immune Co-Culture Models for Cancer Research

Sino Biological May 2024 sponsored content Graphic

Addressing Unmet Needs for Cryopreservation in Cell Therapies

Cryopreservation of test tube on liquid nitrogen, a liquid nitrogen bank containing sperm and eggs cryosamples

The Emerging Role of ssDNA in Gene Therapy

Moligo mosic figure

Transforming Genomics Workflows with Automated Liquid Handling

May 2024 SPT Labtech sponsored content feature image

The Crucial Role of Organ-on-a-Chip Technology in Understanding Mechanistic Toxicity

May 2024 CN-BIO sponsored content feature image

What Lies Ahead? Shaping the Future of Cell and Gene Therapy

DNA Helix

Humanized Mice in Advancing Vaccine Research for Cancer and Infectious Diseases

May 2024 Jackson Labs sponsored content feature image

Diagnostic Analyzer

Microcarrier Platform

Line Sterilizer

Next-Generation Ultramicrotome

Process Flexibility in Viral Vector Manufacturing

Fully Automated Sample Handling

FDA Approves Pfizer’s One-Time Gene Therapy BEQVEZ for Hemophilia B

Genetic blood disorders, conceptual illustration

AI Drug Developer Xaira Therapeutics Launches with $1B+

Artificial Intelligence

Regeneron, Mammoth Launch In Vivo CRISPR Gene Editing Collaboration

Universal Vaccine Strategy Boosts Body’s RNAi Response to Viruses

Doctor giving baby injection in doctor's office

Super-Resolution Microscopy Can Be Super-Accessible

Evident Fluoview CytoSkelton

Best of NGS: The Instrument Companies to Watch


Organoids Stand Out as Stand Ins in Drug Development


Epigenetic Technologies Find Clinical Applications

Carlo Vermeulen, PhD, loading a MinION Nanopore sequencer

Epigenetic Therapy Targets Endocrine-Resistant Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

AI-Driven Drug Discovery Straddles the Virtual and the Real

Empress library illustration

Platform Processes May Reduce AAV Gene Therapy Costs

Charles River Laboratories

3D-Printed Tumors Replicate Biopsies of Cancer Patients

3D-printed colorectal cancer tumor

Thawing Station

Multi-Level Test Kits

Autonomous Single-Cell Platform


Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

mRNA Production Kit

Drug Discovery Program Management Software

Advancing Cell Analytics: A Vision for the Future

Novel RNA Therapeutic Modalities

New Mouse Models Improve the Accuracy of Preclinical Studies

cancer cell and lymphocytes

Maximizing Efficacy in Immuno-Oncology Drug Development


Resolving Epigenetic Heterogeneity with Single-Cell DNA Methylation Analysis

Scale April 2024 sponsored content hero image

HIV-Free Hopes Raised by Reservoir-Targeting VLPs


Culprit behind Psoriasis Revealed

A close-up of bad psoriasis on a person's arm

StockWatch: CDMOs Tumble as Congress Takes Aim at Chinese Biotechs

mRNA Therapeutics May Act Longer If Given Multiple Tails

Oral Bacterium Migrates to Gut, Helps Colorectal Tumors Grow

A microscope image shows a human colorectal cancer tumor with Fusobacterium nucleatum stained in a red-purple color. The bacterium is commonly found in people’s mouths. Fred Hutch researchers have found a specific subtype of F. nucleatum that can move to the gut, where it helps colorectal cancer grow.

Protein-Protein Interactions Dance into the Spotlight

HaloTag NanoBRET 618 ligand

Top 10 Life Sciences Jobs in the Next Decade

UK, York, Team of researchers inspecting charts on interactive screens

Bioconjugates Meet and Promise to Exceed Expectations

WuXi XDC equipment

Extended Reality Helps Drug Designers Realize Bold Visions

Two people using Nanome's virtual and augmented reality software

Cancer Genomics Aims to See All, Know All, Inform All

Tempus researcher in lab

What’s in Vogue for SynBio’s Retooling of Nature’s Code?

Person looking at screen

AGBT Meeting Covers Wide Range of Genomics Advances

AFBT 2024 banner

Antibody-Drug Conjugates Challenges and Trends

Antibody Drug Conjugate

Accelerating Progress in Cell and Gene Therapy

Enzyme-Detection Kit

Rapid Animal-Free Bacterial Endotoxin Test

Lentivirus Production

High-Throughput Screening Solution

Epstein-Barr Virus Assay

End-to-End Automated NGS Library Preparation

Re-Imagining Surface Plasmon Resonance for Characterizing Biomolecular Interactions

Nicoya Alto x Model

Supporting the Future of mRNA Therapeutics

Wacker building

Protein-Protein Interactions: The Basis of Physiological Processes

macro image of glycoproteins

Kick Cold-Chain Dependency: The Future of Antibody Storage Is Here

Antibody drug conjugated with cytotoxic payload