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Volume 43, Issue No. 12, December 2023

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The idea of community isn’t just for people. It’s for cells, too. Like people, cells thrive in neighborhoods that are characterized by a diversity of uses and users. In the neighborhoods we call tissues, this kind of diversity is partly due to cellular heterogeneity, and partly due to the distribution of and interactions among different kinds of cells. Understanding this kind of diversity is exactly what spatial biology is all about. And because spatial biology can reveal the hidden order that supports healthy cells and tissues, it can also suggest remedies should cells and tissues come under attack or fall into disorder.

Spatial biology inspires both scientific and commercial activity, as this issue of GEN reports, taking the idea of community full circle, that is, back to people. This issue of GEN also reviews the State of Biotech 2023 and describes developments in disciplines such as cell therapy and downstream bioprocessing.

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2023 Year in Review: An Exciting Moment in CRISPR-Land


2023 Year in Review: Biotechnology Developments

Health care, Blood test, DNA

2023 Year in Review: Business Developments

Pfizer lab

Immune Cell Therapy May Become More Naturalistic

immune cells

Spatial Biology: How It’s Transforming Single-Cell Genomics

52-plex immunofluorescence image whole human lymph node

Cell Therapy Industry Looks for Ways to Sustain Growth

Safety Suited Catalent Lab Techs

Proteomics Platform Reduces Quantification to Counting

Nautilus Affinity Reagent Probes

Decades of mRNA Research Come to Fruition

Covid vaccine

Case Study: A Trimodal Approach to Interrogate Breast Cancer

Exosomes Produced in Bioreactors

Empowering Spatial Biology Research with Accessible Automated Staining Technology

Parhelia Omni-Stainer

SITC Guidelines

Histology Complete–SecondLook



High-Speed Identification of Superior Production Strains


Human Leukocyte Antigen Amplification

Microfluidic System

Advanced Method for High-Resolution Spatial Proteomics


AC Current Limiters


NGS Updates from ASHG: What’s New in Sequencing?

DNA test infographic. Genome sequence

Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies of 2023

Vizgen webinar hero image

Pancreatic Cancer Risks Linked to Rising Insulin Levels via Acinar Cells

Pancreatic cancer

Engineering CRISPR Cures: An Interview with Fyodor Urnov

Fyodor Urnov

Dual AAV Method Delivers DNA That’s Reassembled into Large Genes

Adeno-associated virus, illustration - stock photo

Downstream Trends and Challenges


Mass Spec for Product Impurity Analysis

lab shot

Connected Downstream Models for Accurate Process Predictions

Pharma workers