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Volume 43, Issue No. 08, August 2023

GEN August 2023 cover

You call that sequencing? The question isn’t one you’d expect to hear if you were sequencing DNA or RNA. But proteins? You bet. Protein sequencing poses unique challenges—too many to even mention here. Suffice it to say, protein sequencing has yet to do for proteomics what the DNA and RNA sequencing has done for genomics and transcriptomics. But that’s starting to change. Proteomics stands to benefit not only from improved mass spec technologies, but also—as discussed in GEN’s August issue—from single-molecule immobilization/sequential labeling technologies. Of course, protein sequencing isn’t the only topic where impertinence should give way to reasonable skepticism. Take artificial intelligence (AI). In GEN’s August issue, this much-hyped topic is given a sober look in two articles: one on AI-enhanced clinical trials, and one on AI-enhanced biomanufacturing. Both articles relate how limited AI can be—absent the influence of human intelligence. Other topics in the August issue include “defense in depth” strategies against emergent infectious diseases, and opportunities for more telling (and more sparing) use of animal models.

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Bavarian Nordic manufacturing facility in Denmark

Protein Sequencing Expands the Omics Club

single binding event

Humanized Animal Models Boost Translational Value

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AI in Clinical Trials Reality versus Hype

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Biomanufacturers Take a Two-Pronged Approach to Digitalization

Sanofi Digital Manufacturing

Organ-on-a-Chip Technology Improves Preclinical Toxicology

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Label-Free Cell Analysis with Laser Force Cytology

Line-Scan Camera

Needle-Free Diabetes Diagnostics Tool

AAV Screening Kit

Microspectrophotometer for Advanced Materials Analysis

Next Steps for mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics

De-Risking AAV Manufacturing

Biovan Viral Vector

Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Platform Interrogates Proteins at a Single-Molecule Level

Quantum-Si’s Platinum™ instrument

Spotlight: Expansion of the RNA Technology Universe

Isolated RNA abbreviation of ribonucleic acid

Fanzor: First CRISPR-Like System Found in Eukaryotes

RNA-guided endonuclease

Gut Microbiome Composition May Warn of Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Microbiota of the human intestine, illustration