GEN Magazine

Volume 43, Issue No. 05, May 2023

May 2023 cover

It’s time to grease the wheels of industry—so declares anyone who wants cell and gene therapies produced in greater volume. To date, these therapies have been artisanal products, much to the frustration of developers, manufacturers, clinicians, and (most of all) patients. Fortunately, cell and gene therapy assembly lines are being assembled thanks to innovations in low-volume analytics, vector optimization, bioreactor control, and workflow automation. All of these developments are discussed in the May issue of GEN, which also considers how the image of fast-turning wheels is especially apt for synbio-powered biomanufacturing. There, the whole idea is to set up iterative design–build–test–learn cycles. To keep these wheels spinning, synbio startups are using AI-powered software to drive automated laboratory evolution. Finally, the May issue of GEN reports on the pharma industry’s RSV vaccines, the antibody industry’s bispecific constructs, gene editing’s clinical progress, and mass spec’s proteomics-friendly turn.

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Gene Therapy Imperative Optimizes Manufacturing to Keep Pace with Market Development

two students in lab

Cell Therapy Manufacturing Grapples with Scale-Up

DASbox Minibioreactor

RNA Therapies Small Beginnings to Big Opportunities

mRNA manufacturing dedicated equipment

Synbio Startups Tap Evolution, Prep Biomanufacturing Flows

Genetic engineering and nanotechnology

Multiple Vaccine Technologies Converge on Respiratory Syncytial Virus

RSV virus, Respiratory syncytial virus

Immunotherapy for Cancer A Look Back and A Look Ahead

Dendritic Cell

Bispecific Antibodies Expose Tumors to New Lines of Attack

Natural Killer Cell Receptor

Molecular Scissors Are Making the Cut … in Clinical Trials


A Better Telescope Gazing at the Transcriptome


Mass Spec Proteomics Offers Less Pain, More Gain

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A Functional Cell Biology Company Is Formed


Preparing for the Next Pandemic

WuXi lab

Adding Consistency to Gene Therapy Manufacturing

César Trigueros Viralgen logo

Moving Beyond Automating Synthetic Biology to Enable Multiomic Workflows

metro map select kits

Overcoming Challenges in Obtaining Plasmids

Charles River lab

Overcoming Obstacles in Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Resilience sponsored content feature image

PanOmics Approach Takes Drug Discovery to the Next Level

PH login screen

California Academy of Sciences


Compact Imaging Solution

Sustainability for Centrifuges

Hybrid Flow Cytometer

Manual Pipettors

Drug-Like Cocktail Used by Researchers to Regenerate Hair Cells for Hearing Loss in Preclinical Study

AACR News: mRNA Vaccine Added to Immunotherapy Reduces Melanoma Recurrence

Cancer cell