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, Volume 43

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Website Content from This Issue

2023 Year in Review: An Exciting Moment in CRISPR-Land


2023 Year in Review: Biotechnology Developments

Health care, Blood test, DNA

2023 Year in Review: Business Developments

Pfizer lab

Immune Cell Therapy May Become More Naturalistic

immune cells

Spatial Biology: How It’s Transforming Single-Cell Genomics

52-plex immunofluorescence image whole human lymph node

Cell Therapy Industry Looks for Ways to Sustain Growth

Safety Suited Catalent Lab Techs

Proteomics Platform Reduces Quantification to Counting

Nautilus Affinity Reagent Probes

Decades of mRNA Research Come to Fruition

Covid vaccine

Case Study: A Trimodal Approach to Interrogate Breast Cancer

Exosomes Produced in Bioreactors

Empowering Spatial Biology Research with Accessible Automated Staining Technology

Parhelia Omni-Stainer

SITC Guidelines

Histology Complete–SecondLook



High-Speed Identification of Superior Production Strains


Human Leukocyte Antigen Amplification

Microfluidic System

Advanced Method for High-Resolution Spatial Proteomics


AC Current Limiters


Antibodies Take Center Stage in Alzheimer’s

Azheimer's Disease

mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Combine Power and Finesse


Upgrading Phage Therapies to Crush Antimicrobial Resistance


RNA Editing Is Having a Moment

Ribonucleic acid strand, illustration

Organoids Evolve from Academic Marvel to Industrial Tool

Cancer organoids

Organoids Deliver True-to-Life Performances


3D-Bioprinted Implants Show Promise in Model of Severe Brain Injury

mouse brain

NGS Updates from ASHG: What’s New in Sequencing?

DNA test infographic. Genome sequence

In the Century of Biology: Bringing Great Science to Life


Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies of 2023

Vizgen webinar hero image

NGS Sample Prep: Enduring Basics and Evolving Enzyme Kits

Locks on Translation Initiation May Restrain Cancer

Cancer cell

Multiomics in Pancreatic Cancer: A Conversation with Dr. William Hwang

BioSkryb researchers in the lab

Insights into mRNA Scale-Up and cGMP Manufacturing Challenges



Rewiring the Brain: Applying Spatial Omics to Neural Plasticity and Neurodegenerative Diseases

MERFISH on aged brain


Reducing Labor and Footprint when Scaling Up Adherent Cultures

Corning Hood HYPERStack

Allen Institute for Cell Science Visual Guide to Human Cells

Kinase Profiling

Misfolded Proteins and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Nerve cell attacked by Antibodies

Automated Cell Culture System

Virus Removal Filter

Collagen Assay Kit

The Future of Personalized Medicine: Leveraging Customization for Faster Insights

Miltenyi Biotec sponsored content image

Simplified Single-Cell Isolation

NanoCellect’s WOLF G2 Cell Sorters

Advancing Understanding of Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Computational Methods

Cresset November 2023 sponsored content Figure1

Pancreatic Cancer Risks Linked to Rising Insulin Levels via Acinar Cells

Pancreatic cancer

Engineering CRISPR Cures: An Interview with Fyodor Urnov

Fyodor Urnov

Dual AAV Method Delivers DNA That’s Reassembled into Large Genes

Adeno-associated virus, illustration - stock photo

Candida Albicans Produces Alzheimer’s-Like Changes in the Brain

New Drugs May Help Rebuild Momentum against Cardiovascular Disease

Formation of a blood clot

Strengthening the Flow of the Biotech Sector’s M&A Pipeline

Handshake Birds Eye View

Why Recombinants Are Essential for Assay Development and Production

Scripps Assay Development

Set to Join the NGS Race, Ultima Genomics Offers a Peek under the Hood

DNA test infographic. Genome sequence

Manage Data Better or Die

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies cell processing

Making AAVs the Go-To for Making Gene Therapies Go

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) researcher

Human Commensal Viruses as Gene Therapy Vectors


Biopharma Taps Bioprocessing 4.0, Benefits Start Flowing

Female engineer with digital tablet examining development of industrial product

Synthetic DNA and RNA Can Open New Manufacturing Workflows

Aldevron production

The Time Is Right for Single-Cell Genomics: Next-Generation Sequencing Has Enabled the Single-Cell Multiomics Revolution

BioSkryb Data Flowers illustration

De-risking Cell Therapy New Product Introduction

Harnessing the Power of the Proteome

Quantum-Si’s first-of-its-kind Platinum™ next- generation protein sequencing instrument

Mimicking the In Vivo Environment for Cardiovascular Studies

Blocked Blood Vessel

Rentschler Biopharma: Committed to Advancing Cell and Gene Therapies

Rentschler Biopharma researchers

The Foundation for Tomorrow’s Medicines: Complete Accessible Sequencing Solutions

Complete Genomics website hero image

The Many Benefits of Implementing FAIR Assay Annotation

Researchers With Computer

mRNA Pioneers Win the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Isolated RNA abbreviation of ribonucleic acid

Microscoop Revolutionizes Hypothesis-Free Proteomics





Rx Corner

Human T Cell Activation and Expansion Kit

Dual Entry Fume Hoods


Multiomic Profiling Kit

Compact Gene-Editing Enzyme Could Enable More Effective Clinical Therapies


Downstream Trends and Challenges


Engineered Nanopore Translocates Full Length Proteins

Artist impression of a protein transported through a nanopore

New Genome Editing Method, NICER, May Reduce Off-Target Mutations


Can CRISPR Crack the Code to Treating HIV Infections?

Top 10 Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations

Lonza lab

Genotoxic Effects by Base and Prime Editors in Human HSPCs Aren’t Surprising, Says Pioneer

DNA Molecule Helix Genetic Code - stock photo

Epigenome Editing Companies Mark Preclinical Progress

DNA methyl transferase

Nonviral Platforms Streamline Gene Therapy Delivery

Cell transfection with plasmid

High-Resolution Cryo-EM Starts Focusing on Accessibility


Liquid Biopsy Technologies Hasten Progress in Precision Oncology

A blood sample is inspected at Guardant Health

More Meaningful Host Cell Protein Analysis


New Tools in the Host Cell Protein Analysis Toolbox


U.S. Sets Bioeconomy Goals and Confronts Data Challenges


Noncanonical Amino Acids Inspire the Development of Novel Drugs

Ribosomes, Protein synthesis

Setting the Stage for Digital Biomanufacturing

Abstract Futuristic digital binary

Personalized Skin Tissue Bioengineered on Demand

denovo Skin

Single-Cell Spatial Proteomics by Molecular Pixelation

Conquering the Proteome with Next-generation Protein Sequencing

Quantum Si's Platinum™ next-generation protein sequencer

NGS Answers Ambitious Questions

Digital screen with DNA strands and data background

Adding Context to Bioprocessing Data—What Really Matters

Stem Cell with protein cluster

PhET Interactive Simulations