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Volume 42, Issue No. 07, July 2022

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In the July issue of GEN, we welcome the boost of enthusiasm offered by a champion of all women who persist and pursue their passions. We’re talking about Chelsea Clinton, who answered our questions about her new book, She Persisted in Science. Although the book is meant to inspire young women to pursue scientific careers, it also has a lesson for all of us. Mainly, we can do great things if we believe in ourselves, broaden our ideas of what is possible, and work assiduously—and persistently—to achieve our goals. This lesson certainly wasn’t lost on any of the scientists who contributed to the advances celebrated in this issue of GEN. And there are so many advances! We present examples in spatial transcriptomics/proteomics, next-generation sequencing, CRISPR-based and CRISPR-less gene editing systems, pathway-savvy anti-inflammatory drugs, novel cancer immunotherapies, and point-of-service (and even home-based) PCR platforms.

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Spatial and NGS Dominate Proceedings at AGBT

Multi-rna targets

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Demonstrate Pathway Savvy

New Directions in Cancer Immunotherapy

Therapeutic antibody blocking PD-1

Non-CRISPR Gene Editing Platforms Make the Cut … or Avoid Making It

Structure Model

Base Editing: A Strong Contender in Cell and Gene Therapy


PCR Tools for the Rest of Us


Advancing CNS Drug Discovery with Translational EEG Biomarkers

Brain graphic

Arresting Cancer’s Wild Progress … One Cell at a Time

A CAR T cell interacting with a cancer cell

Top 50 NIH-Funded Institutions of 2022

NIH Building

Nonviral Gene Therapy Harnesses IL-10, Tames Inflammation

Gene therapy concept. Medical technology. Medtech.

Combating Solid Tumors with Adoptive T-Cell Therapy

Agilent's xcelligence

Exploring Spatial Biology at Every Scale

Lymph Node

Democratizing Next-Generation Sequencing

Illumina lab

Cas-CLOVER for Creating Improved Platform Cell Lines and Animal Models

Protein expressing-genes

Biomarker Co-Expression Yields Insights

Panel H merged tau and exportin

Spatial Biology Guides Biomarker Discovery and Drug Development

Ultivue sponsored content hero image

Spreading the Use of Spatial Transcriptomics

Cell type distribution in space_ovarian cancer

The Greatest Gene Editing Technology on the Planet?

Demeetra sponsored content hero image

Pacific Science Center

Google Tech Dev Guide

ThorLabs Technical Resources


Humidification and Controlled Gas Composition

Stabilization of RNA in Fresh-Tissue Samples


Video-Rate Atomic Force Microscope

High-Throughput Flow Reactor for Process Chemists

She Persisted in Science: An Exclusive Interview With CHELSEA CLINTON

Chelsea Clinton and her She Presisted in Science book cover

First Monkeypox Virus Genome Sequence from Patient of Current Outbreak


Omicron Infections, Without Vaccinations, Provide Little Immunity

Corona virus close up

Scribe Pursues CRISPR Therapies with Expanded Biogen Collaboration