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Volume 42, Issue No. 05, May 2022

GEN May 2022 cover

If you can model the unmodelable and drug the undruggable, you may find a way to cure the incurable. Along the way, however, you’ll also have to find a way to mass produce the—you guessed it—un-mass-producible. Fortunately, all the “un’s” are being undone. That’s the gist of GEN’s May issue. Frustrated with unrepresentative animal models or in vitro models? Consider humanized animal models or microphysiological systems (organ chips). Struggling to get a handle on protein-protein interactions and other slippery situations? Consider adding AI to your discovery efforts or employing alternative modalities such as targeted protein degraders or virus-like drug conjugates. Wondering how you’ll ever find the right delivery vehicle or scale your production processes? Consider the value of capsid libraries, benchtop manufacturing, modular facilities, and next-generation chromatography. All these possibilities, and more, are examined in the May issue of GEN.

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Animal Models and Microfluidic Tools with a Human Touch

Mouse model

Proteome Maps Open an Age of Biological Discovery

colorectal cancer core

Spatial Biology Guides Pharma to New Frontiers

in vitro model

Top 10 Spatial Biology Companies


Shifting the Paradigm of Modern Spatial Biology


Setting a New Standard for Spatial Omics: An Integrated Multiomics Approach

Trifecta of Spatial Biology diagram

GEN Interview with Niro Ramachandran, PhD, Chief Business Officer of Akoya Biosciences

Niro Ramachandran

Immune Cell Profiles Reveal Cancer’s Leading Indicators

cellular phenotypes

Spatial Biology Reorients Biopharma Development

Brain metastases

Proven mRNA Technologies Embolden Vaccine and Drug Makers

eTheRNA Manufacturing

AAV Vectors: Select Permutations, Favorable Destinations

Adeno-associated viruses (AAV)

Cancer Therapeutics Target the Undruggable, Confront Other Bugbears


Cancer Immunotherapy Developers in Asia Explore Diverse Approaches

Alluminox platform

Chromatography Displays Bioprocessing’s “Colors” More Vividly

Agilent InfinityL ab

Chromatography Accommodates New Biopharmaceutical Modalities

Cytiva chromatography

Demystifying the Techniques of Static Light Scattering

Abstract Flash Light and Defocused Particles in the Background

A Stream of Cell Culture and Process Liquid Solutions

GeminiBio Manufacturing

Why We Need an Alzheimer’s Moonshot in 2022

Neural stem cells

How to Choose the Right Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO

Porton Advanced scientist

Ushering in a New Era of Immunotherapy

leukocytes attacking a cancer cell

Addressing Key Data Issues Arising from Next-Generation Sequencing

DNA structure, illustration

Future Technologies for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Citizen Science

USDA Ag Data Commons



RNA Extraction Service


Static Light Scattering

Single-Use Biomass Sensor

Microarray Printers