GEN Magazine

Volume 42, Issue No. 12, December 2022

The December issue has the “write stuff”—not the “right stuff,” which refers to a certain combination of dependability and daring in test pilots. No, the “write stuff” is about DNA writing (which also calls for dependability and daring). Consider how DNA writing’s limits may be expanded by enzymatic synthesis, which is challenging chemical synthesis, the current standard in DNA writing. And that’s not the only story this issue tells of “pushing the envelope.” Cryo-electron microscopy, once referred to as “blobology,” now produces high-resolution images that can guide structure-based drug design. And what can happen after an envelope has been pushed? To answer that question, we present two Special Reports and a bioprocessing feature on the cell and gene therapy industry. Here, maturing technologies are supporting safer, more effective, and more available manufacturing operations. Finally, we conduct a flyby of medical marijuana and launch readers into the bioverse.

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DNA Writing Goes Enzymatic, Encourages Pursuit of Bold Visions

DNA Writing

Automating DNA Synthesis Boosts Drug Discovery

Telesis Bio's BioXp 9600

Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy Get the Industrial Design Treatment

Elevate Bio facility

Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Feels Growing Pains

Forge Biologics Scientist Working Behind Glass

Medical Marijuana Soars to New Heights


With Cell Therapy Products, Multiple Safety Issues Call for Multiple Solutions

Artisan Bio scientist filling beaker

Cryo-EM Incites a “Resolution Revolution,” Rousing Drug Discovery


Stem Cell–Based, Cryopreservable Bioimplants for Arthritis

Arthritis, Senior opening jar

Maximizing the Impact of 1D and 2D Image Analysis

Scientists Discussing and Using Computer Software

Leveraging Modern Electronics to Streamline CRISPR Workflows


Ensuring the Purity of Gene Therapy Products and Vaccines

Pharmacist holding the Covid19 vaccine vials

Microalgal Vesicles Deliver Therapeutics to Protected Tissues

Chlorella vulgaris

Synthetic Cannabinoid Signaling Elucidated by a BRET Biosensor

Cannabis analysis

Hiring Smarter in Greater Philadelphia

Scientists at Philadelphia science center

Addressing AAV Manufacturing Challenges

Genetic engineering concept. Medical science. Scientific Laboratory.

Evaluating CAR T Cells: In Vitro Potency Assays for Production, Quality Control, Efficacy, and Safety

Charles River employee workign with the NovoCyte

Top 20 Biotech Accelerators and Incubators

Hand Shake Meetings

Predicting CHO Retroviral Particle Clearance



Drosophila X

Enki: Coding/Programming

Sample Preparation System

Reliability Of Quantitative LC/MS

TESTA Analytical Solutions

Tube Decapper for TPE Septum Caps


Lentiviral Vector (LVV) Purification Technology


CRISPR Replaces Immune Receptors in Personalized Cancer Cell Therapy

Cancer cell

Neoplants Hopes to Curb Indoor Air Pollution with Bioengineered House Plants

Gene Therapy Pioneers Share Genome Editing Insights at Chardan Conference

Genetic Research, DNA profile reflected in a test tube containing a sample