GEN Magazine

Volume 42, Issue No. 01, January 2022

January 2022 cover

At the start of a new year, we try to array our memories and our hopes for the future in one progressive sequence. But this year, there is no sequence. The past is COVID-19. The future is COVID-19. Where, then, should we look if we are to perceive change—or better yet, imagine the change we desire? At GEN, we look to biotechnology. For example, in our January issue, we present an article by William A. Haseltine, a giant of biotechnology who believes that we can beat COVID-19 if, in addition to priming the adaptive immune system with vaccines, we bolster the innate immune system with combination antiviral drugs. Future opportunities are also highlighted by our own Alex Philippidis, who contributes an A-List entitled, “Seven Biopharma Trends to Watch in 2022.” In addition, feature articles report on progress in cancer research, gene editing, and AI-guided drug development. Finally, industry experts share their outlooks for spatial genomics, microbiome drugs, and continuous bioprocessing.

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Grudge Match against COVID-19 Enters Year Three


Beating COVID-19 Means Tipping the Balance of an Age-Old Struggle (PART I)


The Future of Biotech in an Artificially Intelligent World

Pharma Leverages AI to Elevate Digital-Only Operations

Digital Pharma

Tackling Life’s Toughest AI Challenge

Quris employees

Novel Gene Editing Systems Come Into Their Own

Inari agricultural biotechnology company SEEDesign platform

AAV Vectors Advance the Frontiers of Gene Therapy

Adeno-associated viruses

New Cancer Treatments Lead to New Strategic Options


Drug Discovery Picks Up the Pace, Stays on Target

10X Genomics scientist in the lab

Secure the Future of Bioprocessing

WuXi Biologics’ Ultra-high Productivity (WuXiUP) platform

Microbiome Drugs: Multiplying Recent Gains

4D pharma research facility

Dual-Action Therapy Boosts Heart Function

The Power of 3D Spatial Genomics

Cell nucleus

Spatial Omics for Everyone

Supporting Single-Use Systems all along the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Google Developers

Burke Museum

BRIDGE Ocean Science Education


Low Profile Stackable Microplates

Single Tube Code Reader

Glass Laboratory Reactor System

Flow Cytometry Dye

Beleaguered Bluebird’s New CEO Charts Comeback Course with “Zero Distractions”