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, Volume 42

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DNA Writing Goes Enzymatic, Encourages Pursuit of Bold Visions

DNA Writing

Automating DNA Synthesis Boosts Drug Discovery

Telesis Bio's BioXp 9600

Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy Get the Industrial Design Treatment

Elevate Bio facility

Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Feels Growing Pains

Forge Biologics Scientist Working Behind Glass

Medical Marijuana Soars to New Heights


With Cell Therapy Products, Multiple Safety Issues Call for Multiple Solutions

Artisan Bio scientist filling beaker

Cryo-EM Incites a “Resolution Revolution,” Rousing Drug Discovery


Stem Cell–Based, Cryopreservable Bioimplants for Arthritis

Arthritis, Senior opening jar

Maximizing the Impact of 1D and 2D Image Analysis

Scientists Discussing and Using Computer Software

Leveraging Modern Electronics to Streamline CRISPR Workflows


Ensuring the Purity of Gene Therapy Products and Vaccines

Pharmacist holding the Covid19 vaccine vials

Microalgal Vesicles Deliver Therapeutics to Protected Tissues

Chlorella vulgaris

Synthetic Cannabinoid Signaling Elucidated by a BRET Biosensor

Cannabis analysis

Hiring Smarter in Greater Philadelphia

Scientists at Philadelphia science center

Addressing AAV Manufacturing Challenges

Genetic engineering concept. Medical science. Scientific Laboratory.

Evaluating CAR T Cells: In Vitro Potency Assays for Production, Quality Control, Efficacy, and Safety

Charles River employee workign with the NovoCyte

Top 20 Biotech Accelerators and Incubators

Hand Shake Meetings

Predicting CHO Retroviral Particle Clearance



Drosophila X

Enki: Coding/Programming

Sample Preparation System

Reliability Of Quantitative LC/MS

TESTA Analytical Solutions

Tube Decapper for TPE Septum Caps


Lentiviral Vector (LVV) Purification Technology


CRISPR Replaces Immune Receptors in Personalized Cancer Cell Therapy

Cancer cell

Neural Organoids Making Connections, Getting Real

Brain Organoids

Lipid Nanoparticles Deliver for mRNA Vaccines

mRNA in Cell Translation

Lipidomic Profiling Informs Study of Metabolism-Related Diseases

Measures of familiar lipids and lipid-containing nanostructures already inform healthcare. For example, high levels of low-density lipoprotein, low levels of high-density lipoprotein, and high levels of triglyceride are among the most common risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Yet comprehensive lipid surveys have been impractical, frustrating researchers interested in finding subtle (but important) connections between the lipidome and health. Fortunately, technologies such as liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry are beginning to expose the lipidome to close study. [JUAN GAERTNER / Science Photo Library / Getty Images]

Harnessing Cell Therapy’s Cancer-Killing and Tissue-Reviving Potential

Brainstorm NurOwn Cells

Bioanalysis Considerations for CAR T-Cell Therapies

CAR T cell immunotherapy

Mining (and Refining) the Stuff of Gene Editing Tools

CRISPR gene editing

In Biomanufacturing, Integration and Intensification Go Hand in Hand

Vertical Pathway Timeline Direction Infographic

Uncovering Proteomic Patterns One Cell at a Time

3D rendered illustration of multiple universes in multiverse

Switching Biologics from IV to SQ Routes

Comera Team at Bioprocessing Summit 2022

Predictive Cell Therapy Potency Assays

T cells attacking cancer cells

Engineered Enzymes Advance mRNA Therapeutics

Ribonucleic acid strand

New mRNA Capping Enzyme Expands Possibilities for Improvements of Therapeutic and Vaccine Manufacturing Workflows








Multi-Column Chromatography for Downstream Process Intensification


New Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers


Cell Culture Plate


High-Throughput Platform for Synthetic Biology Workflows


Neoplants Hopes to Curb Indoor Air Pollution with Bioengineered House Plants

Gene Therapy Pioneers Share Genome Editing Insights at Chardan Conference

Genetic Research, DNA profile reflected in a test tube containing a sample

Gene Delivery AAV Vector Exploits Cell-Penetrating Peptide to Better Reach CNS

Test tube with DNA

Transforming Psychedelics into Approved Medicines

mock patient in bed

Gene Therapy Hits Its Stride in the Clinic

Adeno-associated viruses (AAV)

Five Startups Enliven the Gene Therapy Scene in Asia

Engineered RBCs

Drug Development Can Benefit from an Integrated Approach

R&D facility near Rome, Italy

Flow Cytometry Rides Successive Waves of Innovation

scientists at the Flow Cytometry Unit, Life Sciences Core Facilities

Biopharma Soars to the Computational Clouds

DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics) Bio-IT Platform

Accelerating Gene Therapy Manufacturing with Integrated Solutions

iCELLis Nano bioreactor system

Will Manufacturing Be the Stumbling Block for T-Cell Therapies?

Thermo Fisher Scientific lab

Biobank-Tailored LIMS to Track Precious Samples and Manage Data

Making notes for her thesis

Synthetic Biology Platform Unleashes the Power of Plants

Close-up of green leaves

TCRs as Guidance Systems in Cancer Immunotherapy

BlueSphere Bio lab

High-Performance Microplates with Vertical Supply Chain Ownership

Aurora Hand and plate

Expanding GenScript ProBio’s CDMO Global Market

Antibody on DNA

Standalone Flow Chemistry Module for Exothermic Reactions

Uniqsis flow chem module

Motorized OpenStand Microscope Nosepieces

Prior Scientific

Reservoir for Sustainable Use of Reagents

Porvair Sciences

Antibodies for Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development

Bio-Rad Antibodies for Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development

Microscope Resolution

Microscope resolution

ESMO Interactive Guidelines




USMLE Immunology Flashcards


Illumina Reveals New High-Throughput Instrument, NovaSeq X

Can Graphite Bio Realize the Promise of CRISPR Gene Editing to Develop One-Time Cures?

Graphite Bio

Team Says It Assembled the Most Complex Synthetic Microbiome

Spatial Technology Offers Spectacular Insights

Mouse small intestine

Liquid Biopsies Guide the Development of Cancer Drugs

Cancer cells on dna stand background

Tumor-Informed Liquid Biopsies to Transform Oncology Drug Development


Recombinant Proteins Benefit the Clinical Diagnostic Industry

Scripps Laboratories scientist

Host Cell Proteins Can Be Eliminated More Strategically

3d illustration proteins

Host Cell Protein Analysis: Is Above and Beyond Just Enough?

Release of monoclonal antibodies, illustration

Key Points from the FDA’s Guidance for CAR T-Cell Products

Parexel staff with white board

CRISPR Technology Turns 10, Rises to New Challenges

Genetic engineering, GMO and Gene manipulation concept. Hand is inserting sequence of DNA.  3D illustration of DNA.

Precision Medicine Marshals Its Resources


Empowering Next-Generation Precision Genetic Medicines

disease-causing mutations

An Integrative Approach to Probing Transient Protein Structures in Cell Extracts

Modern Medical Research Laboratory: Two Scientists Wearing Face Masks use Microscope, Analyse Sample in Petri Dish, Discuss Innovative Technology. Advanced Scientific Lab for Medicine, Biotechnology

3D Cell Culture—Capturing Complexity with More Consistency

The Corning Life Sciences MatriBot®

CRISPR Revolution in Cell and Gene Therapy

Synthego lab

Choosing the Right Spatial Technology

SMI Raw Data

Middlesex County, NJ: Where Life Sciences Companies Thrive

Rutgers Innovation

Seamlessly Upgrade Your CRISPR Toolbox From Cas9 to Cas-CLOVER™

Works Seamlessly with Existing gRNA Infrastructure

The AI-Led Engine Advancing Our Understanding of Rare and Ultra-Rare Diseases

Medicine doctor touching electronic medical record on tablet. DNA, capsules

How to Maximize the Potential of CRISPR


Optimized Lentiviral Vectors


UltraViolet Dyes for Multiplex Flow Cytometry

Bio-Rad Laboratories UltraViolet Dyes

Optimized Microplate for Cannabis Sample Processing


Single C Analyzer


cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics


Charles River Laboratories


Synthetic Mouse Embryo with Brain and Beating Heart Grown from Stem Cells

Natural and synthetic embryos side by side