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Volume 41, Issue No. 03, March 2021

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SARS-CoV-2 Under Surveillance


Immune Cell Profiles Reveal Cancer’s Leading Indicators

tumor microenvironment

Animal Models Offer Improved Translatability

Mouse Model

Genomic Medicine Stands on the Shoulders of Giants

DNA shape made out of people

CRISPR 2.0: Base Editing in the Groove

Base Editing

Reinforcing the Body’s Defenses against Cancer

engineered version of interleukin-15 (IL-15)

Immunotherapies Expose and Exploit Cancer’s Varied Weaknesses


Giving Immunotherapy a Helping Hand

Cancer cell, illustration

In Workflows, Let the Perfect Be the Ally of the Good

connectivity options

Expectations for AI in Healthcare Become More Modest

Big genomic data

A High-Content View to Cancer Immunotherapy Improvements

Human PD-L1 diagram

Faster, Cheaper Sequencing & Drug Discovery Drive HGP Commercialization

From the Archives, SEPTEMBER 1, 1995

From Discovery To Delivery: Addressing Challenges in Cell Therapy

immune system T cell killing a cancer cell

Testing Immunotherapeutics with Sophisticated Tools

A 360-Degree View of AAV Production

Adeno-associated virus serotype 1

Functional Single-Cell Proteomics Applied to Small Animal Models Speeds Development of Novel Therapies

Tumor-immune interaction

Catalent Biologics Supports an Ever-Evolving Bioindustry

Catalent Biologics

GEN Interview: Important Considerations before Acquiring Research Models for Your Next Study

Charles River Lab

GEN Interview with John M. Burke, PhD

Program code and computer keyboard

Cryopreserved Leukopaks


Cryo-Electron Microscope

High-Content Imaging System

24-Well Filter Plate

GenePattern Notebook

NIH Department of Bioethics


Open Neuroscience

Bayer Approach to Partnerships, Pipelines, and Platforms