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Volume 41, Issue No. 12, December 2021

GEN December 2021 cover

A memorable slogan by Apple urged the world to “Think Different.” The world might have asked, “Different how?” After all, “different” needn’t promote the greater good, or any narrower good, either. So, with the December issue of GEN, we say, “Think Collaborative.” More substantively, we celebrate collaborations of various kinds. First, we report on the successes of the Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) program. Formally, the program is winding down, but the partnership- and infrastructure-building efforts it has supported will continue, helping researchers in Africa contribute to and benefit from genome science. Second, we discuss how data management requires collaboration between IT specialists and scientists—not just to improve efficiency, but to enable selective sharing of sensitive data. Third, we present four Special Reports that explain how the pandemic has forced the vaccine industry to Think Different and Think Collaborative. These twin imperatives emerge elsewhere in this issue: epigenetic drugs, gene therapy biosafety, and more.

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Data: Share It Generously, Guard It Jealously

Vaccine Industry Applies Lessons from the COVID-19 Response

The First Shipments Of The Pfizer And BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Are Transported For Shipping

COVID-19 Shakes Up Vaccine Production

Smart Vaccine Design Keeps Manufacturability in Mind

University of Queensland’s Australian Institute lab

Data Hoarding Poses an Existential Threat to Biopharma

Scientist in a protective labsuit with data

Targeted Therapies to Reduce Side Effects in Modern Drug Development

H3Africa Funds Scientists, Advances Genomics, and Fosters Collaboration in Africa

African research

Epigenetic Therapies Start Operating Outside the Lines

chromosome figure collen

Success with Adherent or Suspension Cell Cultures

Corning Automated Manipulator Platform

Extending Biosafety Testing to Gene Therapy Products

Adeno-associated viruses, 3D illustration

DNA Methylation Found to Change over Time

Big genomic data visualization

Welcome Alternatives to Animal Testing

Scientist watching mice in laboratory

COVID-19 Therapeutic Discovery Using a Bioelectronic Assay

Scientists working in laboratories

Manufacturing of RCA-Free Adenoviral Vector Vaccines

Closeup of vaccine bottle with syringe and needle for immunization on vintage medical background, medicine and drug concept

Changing the Status Quo of Vaccine Production

LNP Assembly

How Cloud-Based Solutions Can Improve Your Lab Processes

Eppendorf staff

MET Signaling Proteins

Real-Time PCR 
Detection Systems

Multipurpose Safety Station

Microplate Sealing




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